Blonde Pays d'Oc

Blonde Pays d'Oc, association law 1901, is a collective initiative grouping all the Midi-Pyrénées breeders, registered on the Blonde d'Aquitaine selected organisation.

This initiative became a reality in mind of the " blonde attitude ", a philosophy, a way of progressing together towards the "Blond" future.

This initiative : 

- value the selection work of the breeders with their 12000 cows,

- sets up actions intended to value the genetics of the members by offering various economic outlets which will allow to maintain breeders' essential tissue,

One of the flagship action of Blonde Pays d'Oc : the organization of a genetic forum on March 22th, 2018 to Aussac (81600)

2014, Innovation in Aussac

20 selected calves will be for sale in the next auction, on thursday, march 27th, 2014 at 11 am.

For this first time we woulld like to thanks Eric Ceron, Frédéric Planté and Eric Sazy who help Damien Blanc in the recruitment of the animal in the Blonde Pays d’Oc area.

The priorities of the recruitment for the future bulls :

-      Adapted to the « broutards » production,

-      Maternal origin for the replenishment production female,

-      Aptitude of birth.