Health guarantees

An irreproachable Sanitary

The heifers :

All the heifers underwent health controls in farm: IBR, BVD, Néosporose, Paratuberculose, according to the protocol 

To be in permanent quarantine, health controls in station, 15 days after the entrance of animals: IBR, Brucelose, Leucose, Tuberculosis

The bulls : 

As the heifers, the bulls are group during 4 months, in the same conditions of environment and food

They have the same irreproachable sanitary as the heifers. A complementary research for translocation and for filiation was made so that these bull-calfs can claim to the registration in the French Blonde d'Aquitaine Selected Association.







2014, Innovation in Aussac

20 selected calves will be for sale in the next auction, on thursday, march 27th, 2014 at 11 am.

For this first time we woulld like to thanks Eric Ceron, Frédéric Planté and Eric Sazy who help Damien Blanc in the recruitment of the animal in the Blonde Pays d’Oc area.

The priorities of the recruitment for the future bulls :

-      Adapted to the « broutards » production,

-      Maternal origin for the replenishment production female,

-      Aptitude of birth.